What is no chefs podcast?

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So, you might be asking yourself – what is this all about?

Well, let’s imagine this… You’re in the kitchen, cooking – unsure of the recipe. Maybe your hands are covered in some ingredients and you know you need to do something next, but you just can’t remember what it is… Oh, if someone could just tell you, so you don’t have to wash your hands to unlock your phone… or just get them dirty anyway, because you’re in a rush…

Now, there is an option – no chefs podcast will guide you, step-by-step through simple recipes. Pick out the dish you like, lay out the ingredients on the countertop, put your headphones in…

and let’s cook together!

Why “no chefs” podcast? Because we are all just beginners here! No snobby, stuck-up chefs are allowed – we are just making food for ourselves using whatever we have in our fridge. That means sometimes you got to substitute things… and no chefs are allowed to wrinkle their noses at us!

My name is Maggie Urbaniec and with no chefs podcast I want to try out how far the podcasting medium can go. Podcast are truly on-demand, unlike radio – unconstrained by any broadcasting time limits and regulations… and so are recipes. Why not combine these two? And to make everyone’s life even easier, you don’t have to do anything, you can just listen along to find out what the steps are… Check out the episodes and let me know what you think!

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